THE EXECUTION OF JUSTICE, a Detective Mike Walsh Novel

Welcome to the “DETECTIVE MIKE WALSH” series of novels by Michael Phelps.

No, NOT that good-looking, young, talented Olympic Champion with all the Gold . . but the OLD (not-so-good-looking), but talented WRITER  of Police Procedural, Detective, and Crime novels, all based on actual cases.

In the debut novel, “THE EXECUTION OF JUSTICE”, you are introduced to a young, married Patrol Officer in the Indianapolis Police Department. As he and his partner arrive at a Domestic Dispute call, his partner is shot and critically wounded. Officer Walsh rises up and faces the derranged man, who is holding his five year old daughter with one hand, and a .45 Caliber Automatic in the other. In the sub-zero, wind-swept snow, Officer Walsh rises up to face the gunman, placing himself between the gunamn and his wounded partner. He has to talk the man into surrendering, so the Paramedics and squads of police held back by the gunman could get his partner to teh hosdpital. He has to covince the man to surrender.

Two months after this incident, Walsh is promoted to Detective in the elite Robbery & Homicide division of the Indianapolis Police Department. He is partnered with his old mentor, Detective Sergeant Jack Lovell.

Eight months into the job, with his marriage at the breaking-point, tragedy strikes the team of detectives. Walsh’s life is thrust into a spiraling decline. His wife leaves him, he is guilt-ridden, and thoughts of suicide rumble in his alcohol-soaked brain as he holes up in his empty house. Can he pull out of his deepening depression? Will he survive?

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