I have been inspired by many, many, many loyal and dedicated Fans of DAVID JANSSEN to write a book about my friend.  The Fourth Edition (Hardcover) of ‘DAVID JANSSEN-MY FUGITVE”, I Co-authored with his first wife ELLIE JANSSEN was released in July, 2010 . First published in Hardcover, December, 1994, with Paperback Editions following in 1995, 1996 & 1997 sold in excess of 1.2 million copies worldwide.

Many of David’s devoted Fans have noted the book was written from Ellie’s  perspective of her love for, marriage to and divorce from David.  During the writing of her Memoir, we had numerous disputes over  her recollections of certain events and incidents.  Many of his Fans have asked to hear HIS side of the story.  I am currently working on “DAVID JANSSEN – CONVERSATIONS With A Friend”.  In this book I relate hundreds of conversations between Dave and I over the last fifteen years of his life.  I spoke with him last just five days before his shocking, untimely and tragic death on 13 Feburary 1980.  In our conversations, both in person  and many via long-distance telephone, Dave and I discussed a wide range of subjects; including his marriage to and divorce from Ellie, his career, his drinking habits (of which I shared for some time), his ALLEGED womanizing and infidelities, many of the Producers, Writers, Directors and major Hollywood Stars with whom he worked, the two women in his life he TRULY LOVED (and lost), his relationship with his mother Berniece, his Step-father Eugene (Gene) Janssen, his half-sisters, Terri & Jill, Ellie’s daughters Kathy & Diane, his marriage to and planned divorce from Dani Greco Janssen, politics ,  the Viet Nam War and much more.

I am projecting this book will be ready for release in late Spring of 2011.

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Thank you.

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