Q&A with @MichaelPhelps3 of David Janssen-Our Conversations (The Friendship)

This takes me back to 22 August 1967. DAVID JANSSEN, after four years on the run . . . in search of the ‘One Armed Man’ (BILL RAISCH) he had seen running from his home the night his wife was murdered . . . “THE FUGITIVE” was in danger of being captured by “Lt. Philip Gerard” (BARRY MORSE). At eleven o’clock that Tuesday evening, the entire world would be held in gripping suspense . . . until 29 Augist 1967 . . . Part Two – “THE DAY THE RUNNING STOPPED”. With a 50.3. a 72.7 share of all American households (with televisions) were glued to their sets, in anticipation . . . Would Kimble be captured? Did Kimble REALLY kill his wife? Does Kimble find the ‘One Armed Man’?

Now, all of DAVID JANSSEN’S FANS will have to wait until tomorrow, 16 December 2014 for the conclusion of Conversations between RONOVAN of LIT WORLD INTERVIEWS and MICHAEL PHELPS, Author of DAVID JANSSEN~Our Conversations – Volume One, The Early Years (1965-1972) and Volume Two, The Final Years (1973-1980)

Personally, I am glad I don’t have to wait an entire week!

Lit World Interviews

I’m an old school movie and actor fan. Give me a classic on DVD and I’ll love you for life. Sorry, I don’t have the Blu-ray thing yet. Imagine my reaction when the man that said “Call me Mike, that’s what my friends call me” showed up. Close friend and confidant of a TV Icon. Co-author of the only authorized and millions selling biogMichael Phelps Authorraphy of the original Fugitive before Harrison Ford ever had his first credit role in film. Yes, “I’m Michael Phelps ‘the writer’, not the young Olympic Champion” as he likes to jest. Reading his books David Janssen-Our Conversations Book 1 and 2 you instantly feel as though you are back in another time walking with him as he reminisces about his friend David Janssen, TV star of so many series from Richard Diamond, Private Detective and The Fugitive, to O’Hara, U.S. Treasury. He was finally convinced…

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