David Janssen-Conversations Q&A @MichaelPhelps3 (The Author) Part 2

David Janssen-Conversations Q&A @MichaelPhelps3 (The Author) Part 2.

Here it is, 16 December 2014 . . . Same time, same station.

The Conclusion of Ronovan’s LIT WORLD INTERVIEWS with Michael Phelps, Author of  DAVID JANSSEN~Our Conversations, VOLUME ONE-TheEarly Years (1965-1972) and VOLUME TWO-The Final Years (1973-1980).

My sincere thanks to Ron for his expertise, his well thought-out questions.  I almost did not proceed with writing these books, after all, David passed away thirty-four years ago.  However, he had over thirty-million fans, “THE FUGITIVE” is still being aired on television (in syndication) around the world.  I hope his fans will see their adoration of him was well placed.  There was far more to David Janssen than they could see; ‘off-screen’.   He was a very kind, seniative, compassionate man, but more than that, he was ane extraordinary, ‘ordinary’, ‘down-to-earth’ guy.

HAPPY HANUKKA to all my friends.

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