Nonsense makes sense to me. Eggplant.

TRAIN can learn from RONOVAN! A Re-make – a new life – another HIT Recording!


Sometimes you just love a song. You love the music and the way the words sound and flow. You don’t even care what they mean. And sometimes it’s even a song where you can understand the lyrics but you still just don’t know what in the world the guys were thinking when they wrote.

Eggplant by Train is one of those songs. I have always called it Eggplant and Caviar. Why? I just think it sounds cool. And, well that’s part of the lyrics.train song

If you look around you don’t really find an explanation of this song by the boys in the band. And some people have just looked at the lyrics and nonsense.  Being that I love nonsensical things at times, or at least writing it, I get the song.

Egglant and Caviar for you. One of the lines, a repetitive line. The repetitive line. Exotic things that many…

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