Waiting patiently…



Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting. Joyce Meyer

I believe we notice things because we are either consciously paying attention or subconsciously attuned to it.

And amidst the hundreds of pictorial quotes, this one caught my eye … So, other than my usual fascination with trees, I intuitively know there is more and that’s when I notice the word ‘waiting’.

patient and waiting

I sense a waiting, an anticipation of something about to happen… alright, there is always something literally about to happen but this feels like a fork in the road. A reckoning, perhaps… Perhaps it is my impatience saying… enough already, time to make it happen!

Yet you’re right if you have gotten this far with me, that waiting seems passive.  And I get it, I am usually pro-active yet there is an impetus here to be cautious, more so than…

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