Interview With Robert Romaniello, Author of “Marble Mountain Memoirs”

Definitely worth reading!

Pat Bertram Introduces . . .

Marble Mountain MemoirsWhat is your book about?

Marble Mountain Memoirs is about the question of mastering yourself. This holds true whether for individuals or countries.

The book takes place in Vietnam during the War, which ironically, the Vietnamese call “The American War”.

Although it takes place at war, it is not a war novel. The Frontispiece is a quote from The Dammapada, the most revered of one of Buddhism’s sacred texts. It says: “Although you may conquer a thousand, thousand men on the battlefield, indeed he is the Nobelist Victor who conquers himself.

So here are some of America’s finest young men drafted into a war a half a world away, and the country has turned its back on them. The war is abandoned by the government, its people and the Revolution is in full bloom ant home. But there they sit, ion a rear echelon junk yard, rebelling against the powers…

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