How Argentina brought us Frank Miller’s Sin City and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. #AtoZChallenge

Ronovan is PERSISTENT . . . not even letting life-threatening health issues stand in his way! STILL, I strongly urge RON to take care of his health FIRST! This was a most interesting read!


All links open in this page for the convenience of screen readers of the blind and the visually impaired.

When agreeing to the A to Z Blogging Challenge I had no idea I would be rushed to the Emergency Room days before the beginning.

I thought about tossing the Challenge. But he words tossing lacks a certain appeal at the moment. Then I thought what more of a challenge is there when you are in recovery that may take several weeks to several months, than to do some extra blogging?

Challenge accepted. Bring it.

I decided I would blog for me in these particular articles. I wanted to write about something I enjoy and learn a little of its history and greater spread than just North America.

The Subject?

Comic Book Creators from Around the World from A to Z.

Today you will learn about creators from Argentina from as…

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