One Legend, Seven Decades. The King of Comics.

THANK YOU, RON! What a facinating and talented man JACK KIRBY was! I find it strange that while reading Comics as a boy, I NEVER even thought from WHOSE MIND they came! I learned a lot today!


Graphic Literature in the United States. It’s a truly massive undertaking to put into an article. Even choosing only a handful of creators is a difficult task. That is unless you’ve done massive amounts of research and repeatedly come up with one name. A name that needed no research if you are a true comic book fan. A man that created the Marvel style and imitators galore.

I won’t waste time. I had this written with well over a thousand words. But let me condense it.

Jack “King” Kirby (1917-1994), “King” chosen not by him, worked in comics beginning in the 1930s. His first superhero work, known of was in 1940 on Blue Beetle. All work on the comic strip was done under one name, regardless of who worked on it.


Then he moved to Timely Comics, an ancestor of Marvel Comics and created one of the most…

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