Inspiration in strange places.



I’ve written before about how I find inspiration from the parks, houses and gardens, in the area where I live. But there are other places too, such as Garston Shore in Liverpool; quite appropriate, since I write YA urban fantasy. There’s something about urban decay that fascinates me, which I suppose is a bit strange. I find the deterioration of once proud ships, both sad and slightly creepy. That said, the sight of such things almost always brings inspiration leaping to my mind. There’s a kind of beauty to urban decay that I find hard to explain.


I used to take the train to work, and to either side of the line I travelled on, would be steep, overgrown banks of grass-covered earth. Atop these banks, one could see the occasional abandoned railway building, long disused, with empty, glass less windows and bricked up doorways; again a source of inspiration…

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