Interview With Sally Laughlin, Author of “Fly Toward Death”

AUTHOR/INTERVIEWER PAT BERTRAM’s great Interview of AUTHOR SALLY LAUGHLIN . . . ‘FLY TOWARD DEATH’ is about a little known group of RUSSIAN female pilots in WWII!

Pat Bertram Introduces . . .

What is your book about?

There were three all-female aviation regiments in the Soviet Union during WWII. Fly Toward Death is about the female pilots, navigators and ground crews that flew and worked under incredibly adverse conditions.  From women who flew the little, unarmed bi-planes and bombed the German Army at night; to the fierce, female fighter-pilots who fought the seasoned German Luftwaffe, humbling them before their peers.  This is a fictional account, based on actual events, of those amazing women who lived, loved and died bravely during the dark days of World War II.

What inspired you to write this particular story?

I was surfing the Internet one day and came upon an article about Nachthexens (Night Witches) during World War II.  It is what the German soldiers called the Soviet women pilots who bombed them repeatedly at night. I was intrigued about women pilots fighting against the Germans.  I graduated from college…

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