CUTE STORY! I like it!

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Here for your amusement is the very last short story I ever wrote. The idea for it was born one day while I was midway through writing a 150,000 word Scifi novel, when a certain Kiwi dog named Boof (not the one pictured above) started running round my friend’s house in the west coast town of Raglan, barking at anything and everything, even his own reflection. I don’t exactly remember what day or even what month I wrote it, but it was definitely while I was staying with my best friend and his family on a brief trip back to my other home country – New Zealand, in 2003. As it happens, it turned out to be my last trip anywear, what with one thing or another. But that’s another story entirely…


The sun was shining and the winds were light. Barney sat looking out the window at the…

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