Smorgasbord Health Update – Skin Cancer, Sun, B3 and Vitamin D

GOOD ADVICE! I had a friend pass away because his Melanoma was not diagnosed soon enough!

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Those of you who are regular readers of my health posts will be aware that I advocate safe sun exposure to obtain the very vital Vitamin D that is involved in so many of the body’s functions.  Interestingly research is also looking at Vitamin B3 in the fight against skin cancer.

VITAMIN B3: NIACIN; Also needed for the metabolism of carbohydrates (ATP), fats and proteins. Needed to process Alcohol. Niacin form of B3 helps regulate Cholesterol. In addition it is essential for the formation or red blood cells and the hormones. It works with Tryptophan in protein to form Serotonin and Melatonin in the brain. It is water soluble and found inLiver, Brewer’s Yeast, Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Meat, Peanuts, Wholegrains, Eggs and Milk.

It also appears that higher levels of Vitamin D obtained from safe sun exposure is linked to a reduced risk of developing certain skin cancers.


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