Growing old disgracefully.

I love Mr. Webster’s humor! Growing OLD does not mean you have to accept it or act like it! IF you DO NOT GIVE UP on LIFE, YOU can LIVE!

Jim Webster

An older chap went for a job interview. Things had changed since the last time he’d done it, (there’d probably been a world war or something) but anyway it was all emotional intelligence and empathy and stuff.

Anyway towards the end one of the interviewers, very earnestly, asked him, “Do you have any weaknesses.”

The old lad thought about it for a while and said, “Yes, my honesty.”

The interviewer looked shocked and said, “I don’t think honesty can be a weakness.”

“I don’t give a damn what you think.”

Many years ago I went to the USSR. Yep, back then they still had one. I even went to Leningrad, try doing that now.

But anyway it was my only ever package holiday because it was the only way you could get into the USSR back then.

On the trip was a family who’d brought mother and her sister along…

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