How long are the books that you read? (SURVEY)

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How long are the books that you read?

Do you read mostly full-length books? novellas? novelettes? short stories? short or long nonfiction books?

The first 4 questions are for fiction; the last 2 are for nonfiction.

The 2 questions about short stories and novelettes exclude children’s, so that we don’t get illustrated children’s picture books mixed up with short stories, for examples. (See my other surveys—there is a link below the surveys—if you’re curious about children’s books.)

View the results after you take the survey.

You can take each survey more than once, if, for example, you have multiple family members using the same computer.

I will leave these polls open indefinitely. The more people who take the survey, the more meaningful the statistics become.

If you missed my other reading surveys, you can check them out here:

These surveys may not be perfect…

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