Laughter the best medicine… Believe it or not!


Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

I have 300 worthless statistics and facts but since I have no wish for you to nod off – here is the first 50 with the rest to follow going forward. They do seem to get weirder further down the list and I have tried to establish the truth of these… not always with success so I am taking on faith. Since the list is a few years old you may find that numbers have changed accordingly.. have fun.


  1. According to a booze bill for a celebration party thrown September 15, 1787, the 55 people who were designing the United States Constitution drank 54 bottles of Madeira, 60 bottles of claret, 8 bottles of whiskey, 22 bottles of port, 8 bottles of cider, 12 bottles of beer, and 7 large bowls of alcoholic punch large enough “that ducks could swim in them”. There were 16 musicians…

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