Dark Night of the Stone

Only can I imagine living in that long ago time, having experiences and memories made.
I liked this!

Sun in Gemini

Gawain for Poem Shiny Green ace

Dark Night of the Stone

Freezing fingers clutch the silver cup

The thin but faithful horse stands grace

Equine feelings urge Gawain, “Go on”

The mountain stream adds ice; its own

Completing miseries’ embrace


How did we come to this, Gawain?

His frozen thoughts; the pain, protest

How did we seek a place unknown

To pay the debt we shouldn’t own

From Christmas last, a bitter jest!


He fingers coins, full purse of spite

“Perhaps I’ll buy a rooml!”

But round him snow and frozen streams

Speak far of warming tavern’s dreams

And icy wind that offers only doom


A mind, half starved, breaks off a branch

“May I divine a place to Yule!”

The joke is lost on blackening fells

Which long for village evening bells

Far from that place where death’s the only rule


His strength no more can fight the cold

He draws…

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