To Offer it Free or Not – Marketing Your Work

When I released my last books, I listed them FREE on Amazon Kindle for three days. 968 took advantage of the offer. How many SALES resulted by ‘Word-of-mouth’ – ID any, I have no clue.

2 thoughts on “To Offer it Free or Not – Marketing Your Work

  1. Stuart Land

    Hey Michael! I left this response on the Second Wind site as well…

    Hi, LV. While your article really sounds convincing in practical terms, and it probably is for some very few people, what’s missing is the heretofore singular fact that occurs mostly, if not only, to writers, in this virtual age: People download free books (and other virtual stuff) by the container-full just to have it for free. They get so much stuff this way, they have no time to read very much of it. There is no urgency because they now have it in their virtual library and can go to it anytime. I offered a couple of my books for free several years ago to test this theory. 2700 people downloaded the first book in one day. The second book, in another year, was around 600. Not one person left a review, good or bad. There was zero spike in my sales. The reviews I have received on all my books came from mostly paid sales, are very good. I do give my books away for free to reviewers, bloggers, and people I like. I would never again give away my books for free to the general public. And I would advise against anyone giving away their books for free. Why? Because when writers stop giving away their books for free, readers will appreciate them more, and pay for the right to read their hard-won stories.

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