I LOVE ‘CATS’ . . . and so does LEILA SAMARRI.

Leila Samarrai

This is one of the many versions (The Introduction) of my drama play “Cats”. There is a final version, of course, it is printed, but due to some kind of miracle, it is not in the computer, so I should type it again. Drama is intended for reading, and this version is slightly longer, so this task is constantly postponed. Anyway, I was looking for something in mails, then I came across this version which is not as good as the one after.. but still made me laugh.
I’m sorry I can not give you present texts in English (for now), my translators (Scylla and Charybdis have some unfinished business with satan in Styx at noon (reviving the dead and translating them something like… corpse never dies and other Meow – Poetry Of Hell in Hebrew and Hungarian – Finnish) They shall be back in couple of centuries, till then…

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