How to Market a Book with a Blog

I have a BLOG . . . yet I know NOTHING . . . ZIP . . . NADA . . . ZERO about BLOGGING. Why do these young Computer Geniuses come up with all these ‘werid’ words – – – ‘Twitte-=Tweets’, ‘Blog – Blogger’?
Thanks to CHRIS McMullen, CHRIS GRAHAM, The Story Reading Ape and RON of RONOVAN WRITES and LIT WORLD INTERVIEWS . . . I am learning . . . did I mention I am a slow learner?
ENJOYED this post and I am sure many others will LEARN from it as I hav.


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My self-publishing blog currently has 150,000 views, with 350 to 550 views per day, and 5990 followers.

Most of my blog traffic comes from search engines, so it functions as a content-rich website.

A blog can be a highly effective marketing tool if you can draw in hundreds of visitors per day.

People discovering your blog through search engines don’t already know about your book, so this can be great exposure for your book.

It’s not just for nonfiction books.

In fact, I just launched a new blog for a science fiction series that I’m working on, called Alien Curiosity.

You can check it out here, in case you want to see what my blog for a coming fiction series looks like:

Feel free to follow my Alien Curiosity blog to see how I use…

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