In the Quiet Hours. Find Positivity.

I found my SILENT COOM in my chaotic mind! Thank you, Ron.

HAPPY Fourth of July to you & yours.


Confucious Silence is a Friend

In the Quiet Hours. Last week I discussed Creating a Positive Environment and how you needed to be serious about it and how there would be difficult decisions to be made. Something unusual happens when you enter a quiet place. That place being the newly formed room in your chaotic mind.

Do you really want to be rid of negative relatives? I pretty much no longer speak to one of mine. I have reflected on that and came to realize something. I came to realize how that break actually came about.

Over the past weekend I lost my peaceful world for a time. I was angry with the citizens of my nation and their ugliness in exchanges over various issues. I was angry at myself and my situation in which parts of I have no actual control at the moment, but I am working on it. I was angry at…

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