A FIVE STAR REVIEW from a good friend, who also worked with DAVID JANSSEN is most humbling to me. Thank You, Mr. Lannom.

David Janssen

Actor LES LANNOM, was a close friend and Co-Star of DAVID JANSSEN in six episodes of‘HARRY O’  and episode 12 of the Television Mini-series ‘CENTENNIAL’.  This is what he wrote and posted on Barnes&Noble Book Review for ‘DAVID JANSSEN~Our Conversations’.

“I got acquainted with Mike Phelps when he made a comment regarding an exhange I had with some of my facebook friends.  It seems he just happened to recognize my name in association with David and the work we did on ‘Harry O’.   I was very pleased to learn that he had been friends with David, whom I have always felt was not only my friend, but my mentor as well.  Mike’s and my relationship moved from the written to the spoken word rathater quickly.  As I oncve said, “If I’d wanted to be a wrtiter, I’d have chosen a very different career.”  I found that our…

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