Actor LES LANNOM, was a close friend and Co-Star of DAVID JANSSEN in six episodes of ‘HARRY O’  and episode 12 of the Television Mini-series ‘CENTENNIAL’.  This is what he wrote and posted on Barnes&Noble Book Review for ‘DAVID JANSSEN~Our Conversations’.

“I got acquainted with Mike Phelps when he made a comment regarding an exhange I had with some of my facebook friends.  It seems he just happened to recognize my name in association with David and the work we did on ‘Harry O’.   I was very pleased to learn that he had been friends with David, whom I have always felt was not only my friend, but my mentor as well.  Mike’s and my relationship moved from the written to the spoken word rathater quickly.  As I oncve said, “If I’d wanted to be a wrtiter, I’d have chosen a very different career.”  I found that our conversations began to fill in the blanks in my own knowledge of David, and also re-affirmed my own sense of who Daveid Janssen was.  I ordered both biographies long before they were released and spent almost every fee moment devouring them when they finally arrived.  I wasn’t all that sure what to expect.  After all, David left us a long time ago, and I wasn’t really expecting Mike’s memories to be as clear-cut and vivid as they turned out to be.  I’m certain that absolutely all of David’s dialogue in these remembered conversations weren’t verbatim.  That would have been an impossibility to achieve, unless all of those conversations were recordedf.  What impresses me is the flavor and cadence of the writing.  They were all David.  It was a joy to read, and brought back so many memories of my own.  As I neared the end of the second volume, I dreaded reaching the end.  For me it was like watching the end of a movie about the Titanic.  I knew what was coming, and I keenly remember how I felt when a recfeptionist friend called me from Warner Bros to tell me of David’s death.  This is probably a lousy book review, but I’d like everyone to know that I found Mike’s memories of and portrayals of the man who was David Janssen to be spot on in every respect.  He was one of the warmest, most generous Stars I ever had the privilege of working with and getting to know on a personal level.  I will always be in his debt and proud to have walked in his shadow for a little while.  Those are the bright, warm colors of Mike Phelps’ portrait of David Janssen, and the picture he has painted is the guy I knew.  Thank you, Mike.  I am glad to have made your acquaintance.”  – – – LES LANNOM, “Lester Hodges” in ‘HARRY O’.

David Janssen Our Conversations


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