My LIFE – My Way

I just read a fascinating Autobiography by Dr. Joseph P. D’Angelo.  When I firtst saw the book and noted the Author is NINETY-FOUR YEARS YOUNG, I just had to see how he could pack 94 years of living into just 215 pages (Paperback Edition).

What I found was a compilation of short stories of significant experiences and events in the Author’s life that made for a great read!  I found a man with determination, shared in some of his joy and laughter, tears of sorrow, successes and failures!  Most of all, I found INSPIRATION from a man who has lived the lives of ten men and accomplished so much.

MY LIFE – MY WAY is a short read about the amazing, incredible and inspiring life of Dr. Joseph P. D’Angelo and I highly recommend it.  It is available on Amazon in Paperback and I understand on Amazon Kindle.COMPLETE COVER - MY LIFE - MY WAY - FINAL0001 - Copy

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