Some Television Notes As Escape


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Some Television Notes

In an attempt to get away from the mistakes and any sports, some brief notes while watching some old and older television shows.

A detective on “Murder She Wrote,” an terrific approximately 35 year old show starring the great Angela Lansbury, is named Gerard, in fact Lieutenant Gerard, I believe. This is homage to the great 50 plus year old show, “The Fugitive,” which starred David Janssen, and featured Barry Morse as “Lieutenant Gerard.”

A great actor, George Macready, turned in a fine performance maybe 55 or more years ago, as a vengeful judge on “The Rifleman,” which starred former Brooklyn Dodgers’ player, Chuck Connors.

A newer still current show “Ray Donovan” is fascinating, not as great as in earlier seasons but still great.

I watched the very first episode, usually a good idea when possible and I can see how the story arc and characters were…

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