1. Anita Brown

    I love the personal remembrances by fans, family, friends, celebrities and other celebs because no matter who is sharing, you find yourself smiling while reading them, and you can’t help but saying ‘awww’ at least five times. Also love how we each have our own special, personal names for DJ, that some of us who ever met or knew him imagine ourselves calling him face to face. Sure this pet naming is probably the case for anyone we know/knew or admired, but we’re not talking about just anyone. We’re talking about the incomparable DAVID JANSSEN. Thanks for sharing your Davey, Kelli & Thank You MICHAEL PHELPS for giving us this space and place to show our LOVE for the one and only David Harold Meyer Janssen

  2. Anita Brown

    Excuse typo. Should have read some of us who NEVER met him (not ever). Carry On…

  3. Shahid Anwar

    DJ will be remember always. That was golden presentation by Television networks around the world.

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