About David Janssen

It’s true that David Janssen’s name became known essentially because of his portrayal of Dr. Richard Kimble in the TV series titled, The Fugitive. It’s a given and, if anyone who hasn’t seen an episode was to sit down and watch two or three episodes back to back, it would soon become clear why David Janssen has drawn the attention of millions around the world.

The Fugitive¬†continues to air in many countries around the world, being translated in various languages according to demand. It seems amazing that David Janssen’s fan base continues to grow, year after year – long after the iconic actor’s untimely death on February 13, 1980.

At this time, please take a few moments to delve more fully into the life and career of David Janssen. It will definitely take you on a journey – after which you may realize that, while stardom has its benefits, it has its drawbacks, too.