MS. PAMELA EDWARDS has produced a touching Book Trailer video to my friend DAVID JANSSEN for my memoir, DAVID JANSSEN~Our Conversations.  With the magnificent recording of Frank Sinatra’s “MY WAY”, which is very appropriate as DAVID JANSSEN certainly lived his life “HIS WAY” and ending with Elvis Presley’s recording of “MEMORIES”, asd DAVID JANSSEN left his millions of Fans with so many wonderful MEMORIES 35 years ago on 13 February 1980.

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Cinematography of my intro by MR. MOISES RAUDEZ,

DAVID JANSSEN~Our Conversations are available in Softcover at through the security of PayPal; Janssen Our Conversations Janssen Our Conversations



PART TWO of the INTERVIEW appears Tuesday, 16 December 2014.  Kind of takes me back to 1967 . . . 22 August . . .  “THE FUGITIVE – The Judgment”, and then . . . the World would have to wait . . . gripped in Suspense . . . for an entire week . . . then on 29 August 1967 was Part Two . . .   “Day the Running Stopped” .  “THE FUGITIVE” was Captured!

Tune in tomorrow, 16 December 2014 for the Conclusion pf the Conversations between RONOVAN of LIT WORLD INTERVIEWS with Michael Phelps.

Monday Funnies Maxine on Christmas

Monday Funnies Maxine on Christmas.

I guess it’s time to start thinking about Christmas.  I found MAXINE always has some good advice and ideas.  HINT; ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS ONE MILLION BUYERS for DAVID JANSSEN~ Our Conversations, VOLUMES ONE and TWO!  Let’s face it, you can’t just read VOLUME ONE . . . as the Great PAUL HARVEY always said, “. . . NOW, for the rest of the story . . . ”  and the rest of the story is in VOLUME TWO.

You can get them, with the security of PayPal at

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We are pleased to announce the release of


FOURTH EDITION – Hardcover – 150 Pages – containing Thirty-four photos from Ellie’s collection and an Update by Michael Phelps.

NOW, here is the best part; you can purchase it at: using your secure PayPal account, and it is at the original publication price of just $18.95!

This will be a LIMITED  EDITION, so if you are a fan of DAVID JANSSEN, and his best work as “THE FUGITIVE”, you will want to have this memorable Biography.

It is also available at:






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